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Posted By Topic: Neutral terminal for RCCBs

Oct 08 2019 18:05

Hi there, just wondering if the 3 terminal neutral bars that go into the load side of an RCCB are compliant. Furthermore is connecting the neutrals of a final subcircuit to it compliant. Can the origin of a final subcircuit's neutral be at either the neutral bar or the "load terminal of the circuit protective devices provided within...a switchboard - 1.4.115". Load terminal being the load of a the RCCB. TIA

Oct 08 2019 22:19

The 3 terminal bars are the neutral bar for the protected final subcircuits. It doesn't matter if the bar is connected directly to the RCCB, or connected by a piece of wire and mounted elsewhere.

Oct 09 2019 08:16

The words you quote
"load terminal of the circuit protective devices provided within...a switchboard"
describe where the Active of the final subcircuit originates.