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Posted By Topic: VSDs

Oct 09 2019 17:46

Trying to replace an old PDL elite ME-46. Schneider has nothing suitable frame size wise. Boss wants me to go to a WEG VSD that is a third of the price and will fit in my cabinet. Anyone have any experience with WEG VSDs? reliability, ease of use etc?. Id rather stick with Schneider and i'm frankly annoyed that they've discontinued this model but have bugger all suitable replacements, how hard can it be?

Oct 09 2019 19:12

I had a bit of a play with one of the smaller ones (CFW-100) for a personal project. Only one display line (4 digits) makes it a pain to program - you really need to write it all out then program it in all in one hit.

Newer or larger drives will likely have a larger display and be easier to deal with.

There's plenty of other top tier manufacturers that have dealers here and should have something that suits - ABB, Siemens, Danfoss, Allen-Bradley etc.

Oct 20 2019 13:34

Thought of giving ABB a Go? We find them excellent particularly the acs355 for smaller cabinet footprints and the acs880 for dc to ac conversions.