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Posted By Topic: External Meter and Disboard combo

Oct 10 2019 14:42

So im looking at fitting this for a retail premises

Trical DC3S - D30 Outdoor Meter
Distribution 30 Way, 2 Window

As the client wants all of his equipment outdoors (Daft to me but hes paying)

As its slide rail and (Im assuming) There's no void Do i need to use double insulated tails?

Also do i need another switch prior to the main switch on the Db inside, or can you just go

mains into mains switch in db -> Meter ->
-> MCB busbar

current setup attached :)


Oct 10 2019 14:46

200kb is a really small file size for a photo.

see attached link.

Oct 10 2019 15:08

Any wiring that's accessible without the use of a tool (like the meter wiring), must be double insulated. - exception (c) which won't apply if the cables are unenclosed.


Oct 10 2019 16:31

Cheers doug.

With the slide rails will the meter go straight on them or do i need to mount a panel first?

thanks again

Oct 10 2019 18:37

Sorry I don't know about those boards, and different locations have different requirements?

Oct 11 2019 08:21

Metering is part of the installation, so must comply with ESRs & Wiring rules.
Wiring Rules set no particular requirements for metering, so a meterbox is just an enclosure for wiring systems and equipment.
But many networks & retailers seem to want to impose their own additional rules; which you have to get from them - and then hope the network ones don't conflict with the retailer ones.

Oct 20 2019 20:24

Yeah its my first go at dealing with retailer/distribution network. I need to put 4 hours on the next job for talking to the retailer and banging my head against the wall.

I have a feeling im going to fail on not having a main switch they can put a seal on.

time will tell.