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Oct 16 2019 19:32

In regards to rondo wall studs that come with pre-punched holes, do these need to be brushed when a TPS cable passes through? The holes and bent in from from manufacturing. There seems to be split opinion in my work group.

Oct 16 2019 19:33

Further to this, would the holes be considered to be shaped to minimize abrasion?

Oct 16 2019 20:25

It's really up to you to check that the holes in the studs comply, or add more protection if necessary.

The manufacturers holes always used to be ok. But I don't know, are there lower quality systems coming in from overseas these days like most other products?

Oct 16 2019 20:30


Fair point, i've been erring on the side of caution of brushing them. They are the standard "Rondo" branded studs that seems to be used in most new commercial office type builds these days. Just seeking opinions of others.

Oct 16 2019 21:49

I'm sure the rondo ones should be fine.

Don't forget about 5.4.6 as well.