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Posted By Topic: Switchboard inside bathroom

Oct 16 2019 22:01

A builder is working in his own house. He built a sleep out type Office, where there are 6lights and 3 power points. He is asking me to work on switchboard. So I need to run a cable from inside switchboard to sleep out sub board. But main concern is that i found switchboard inside bathroom. It is just around 2 meters from shower cabin. It does not seem good to me. Is this according to regulations? According to regulation is it safe to work on that switchboard? Because I need to sign off for the job. Looking for your views. Thanks

Oct 16 2019 23:44

As a registered electrician, you can download PDF copies of the standards through your EWRB login, and Standards NZ.

Once you have the PDF, you can easily do word searches in the document.

So if you search for "shower" for example, there are 76 occurrences.
20 of those are in the contents pages. Number 21, is in clause which says:

"(d) Near baths and showers A switchboard shall not be installed within any zone classified in accordance with Clause 6.2.2 for a bath or shower.
NOTE: Areas in the proximity of a shower are deemed unsuitable for switchboards because of the prevalence of high humidity and condensation."

Or, as you are looking at a shower/damp situation, you could look at section 6. There's a clause about switchboards, and switchboards are also specified in table 6.1 and 6.2

I hope these tips are helpful for finding clauses in the future.