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Posted By Topic: Freezing gas bottles

Oct 19 2019 08:54

There is a US company that manufactures electrically heated jackets for lpg bottles used in cold areas to prevent freezing. They operate on 12 V DC from a remote power supply. In NZ would these be considered as a an electrical devices that relate directly to the gas installation or as a source of ignition ?
It would be prohibitively expensive to increase the bottle sizes due to location and compliance issues.

Oct 19 2019 09:01

Forget the question, I could not fine anything NZ related on a previous search double checking turned up this
and its 230 V I assume it must be legal ?

Oct 19 2019 12:17

"its 230 V I assume it must be legal "

Why would you make that assumption, given the huge range of stuff now being imported and sold by muppets with no idea of NZ requirements?

In my view this device can't be considered "directly" related to the gas supply, at best only indirectly related.

Obviously intended for the domestic market, but look at it from the non-domestic and you'd only be able to use this equipment - and install a supply for it - if all components were rated for use in a hazardous area; i.a.w 60079.14. Not just the pad, but also the supply for it.
True "60079.10" (that sets the gas Zones) excludes domestic; which is why "3000" had to set some zones in 4.18. But the facts on the ground don't change depending on whether domestic or not; there's still a risk of an explosive atmosphere, and the device and its supply (even if ELV)are still capable of causing a spark.


Oct 19 2019 14:55

The marketing material very much looks like a US-market product. 120 & 220V, UL listed (perhaps pending? not clear), imperial dimensions etc.

It does however say it's got CE and ATEX markings, certificates on request. Would certainly want to see them before considering anything.

I would certainly be much happier with a hot water system or similar.

Oct 20 2019 21:40

There are some heaters that come under the gas(safety and measurement) regulations 2010

53ACertain electric blankets deemed to be safe
A fitting that is an electric blanket that is designed to heat LPG cylinders is deemed to be safe if it complies with UL 499, UL 130, or CSA 22.2.46:2013.


Oct 21 2019 10:29

So seems there's a chance this may be deemed safe under Gas Regulations; and therefore the product may be allowed to be sold in NZ.
Noting that that Reg relates to the one before it, which requires "gas appliances and fittings to be safe if sold / offered for sale.(closely similar to our ESR 80. This certainly is not a 'gas applaince" as defined in the Gas act, but it does seem to fit within the definition of "fittings":
"fittings means everything used, or designed or intended for use, in or in connection with the supply, distribution, compression, or use of gas". So it may be able to be sold as a 'fitting' for a gas installation.

But that's just whether it can be sold / supplied. It doesn't carry across to electrical installation requirements and automatically allow it - or a supply for it - to be installed in the exclusion Zone set by 4.18.2 . So even if the blanket's seen as being "directly related to the gas supply", you still need to keep the supply for it out of the Zone.

Same applies under "5601.1" for gas installations: no ignition source within Zone.