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Posted By Topic: Dumb question

Oct 22 2019 19:50

So a plumber connects a new element to an existing hot water cylinder

what paperwork should they provide for that work and what registration class should they hold to enable them to do that work?

Oct 22 2019 20:27

They would need to have an Associated Tradesperson licence.

There's no certification required as it's an appliance repair.

Oct 22 2019 20:59

Cheers Doug... I concur having had a quick read.

It does make me wonder though about what the point is in having a registration class to do something that requires no certification and therefore no legal requirement to document the work done.

I mean whats the point in trying to control something if it isn't documented?

Oct 22 2019 21:15

For example, if they were doing a disconnect & reconnect of a whole hot water cylinder, then it would need an ESC.

But even in the case of changing an element, they need to be competent in isolating and then testing their completed work.

It's the homeowners that should be educated to check that the tradespeople are licensed.