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Posted By Topic: Crimp join sleeving

Oct 25 2019 09:15

I've seen a few people preform crimp joins using one colour of shrink for every part

Eg black shrink for phase, neutral, earth and the sheath

In NZ there are no restrictions on sheath colour so I didn't see that as an issue but I would have thought you'd have to colour the primary insulation where the crimp joins are to the appropriate colours

Am I correct in this assumption or does it not matter?

Oct 25 2019 09:36

The fundamental requirement [3.8.1, in bold] is that the conductors be identified as to function. So where colour is the chosen means of conductor ID, then the insulation applied to connections should match. Technically I believe using black on an active or a PEC is non-compliant. But in practice no-one will ever be misled as long as the (correct) primary insulation colours are visible (with sheath removed); and it could be argued that this fact provides the necessary level of ID.


Oct 25 2019 09:51

There's certainly a distinct identifiable difference between a conductor sleeving and a joint sleeving.


Oct 25 2019 13:38


Oct 25 2019 19:06

Whilst on the topic of sleeving, some of the older guys I work with still think that 3 layers of insulation tape is a suitable replacement for the outer sheath. I have only been in the trade since the 2007 regs came in and believe it is now non compliant. Do you know when this rule was changed? It may help me convince them that this practice is no longer allowed.

Oct 25 2019 19:20

Correct me if I'm wrong but think 3.7.3 covers that

"Exception: Joints in cables need not be enclosed, provided that the joint—-
(a) is not subjected to any undue strain; and
(b) is made in accordance with the requirements of Clause 3.7.2; and
(c) has any mechanical protection that was removed or damaged
reinstated; and
(d) is insulated and sheathed to provide the equivalent of the original
cable insulation and sheathing, including the requirements outlined in

C and D are probably the ones to look at, the question is is 3 layers of insulation tape sufficient to bring the cable back to it's original mechanical protection and insulation

Don't think there's anything specific that says tape can't be used but depends if the tape is providing those things otherwise need a proper enclosure

Oct 25 2019 20:21

personally I would accept less than HD heat shrink (with glue)as a substitute sheath