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Posted By Topic: Permanent or not?

Oct 28 2019 20:58

Was on a rural site recently and noted an newly installed electric gate. Seems the owner installed (nice tidy job) and undergrounded the mains supply - 2.5tps inside 25mm black poly buried under driveway of about 50m. This came up inside his garage and the tps had a 3pin plug on it that was plugged into an existing wall socket.

I suggested that as it was a 'permanent' installation, it should really have been hard-wired into switchboard and COC'd. The owner promptly argued that as it was plugged into an existing circuit, he didn't need a COC.

Who's right?

Oct 29 2019 05:13

Can the wiring be removed without removing the plug? if the answer is no then it is installation wiring (fixed) and needs a COC

Oct 29 2019 08:40

Schedule 1 defines what is, and isn't, PEW.

And it's not based on whether or not the fittings are "permanent"; nor on whether a collection of fittings plugs into a socket. Just on whether they are installed.

So it's not about whether a CoC was required (of course it was; because ALL installation work needs a CoC); it's about the fact that the work was PEW and whoever did it needed an authorisation.

If acting under the "homeowner" Exemption; then while an owner is permitted to do it, they are NOT permitted to connect it to supply - not even by plug.
Plus the work has to comply with ECP 51, which is considerably different from "3000" .

From the description, seems likely the PEW done does not comply with either.