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Posted By Topic: Transportable Structure

Oct 28 2019 23:16

Hi all
I have been looking at a polystyrene sandwiched building constructed by a reputable North Island firm. It arrived here with a point of entry screwed to the exterior and a distribution board with no MEN link inside which through a Voltex 100A supplied lights via a 10A RCBO and 3 pin outlets via 2 20A RCBO’s
The COC riveted to the inside basically stated “Installation of new Switchboard with 100A Isolator and RCBO’s for plugs and lights. Wiring done by others”
So I have issued a COC for the installation of a 16A Appliance Inlet and the change of the isolator to a 16A MCB and written my COC as in compliance with AS/NZS 3001
But who is covering the “Wiring done by others”?


Oct 29 2019 08:29

Ay some stage the assembly will need to be connected to a supply of electricity.
Whoever does that, and issues the ESC,will be accepting responsibility for ALL of it.
Their decision to connect (or not) may be based, in part, on the 2 CoCs that between them cover some of the installation work.

At least that's how the system is designed to work.