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Posted By Topic: Workmanship guarantee

Oct 29 2019 14:01

Trying to search through the consumer gauarantees act to find if there is a minimum warranty for domestic services. Anyone know if there is anythig specific to site in the act? What are guys offering for their workmanship?

Nov 09 2019 21:15

Not sure what others do but I don’t specify any workmanship guarantee or warranty in quotes, i tend to go by the warranty of the materials installed. Ie if a power outlet has a 5year warranty then i will replace it if it breaks within that time.
If the issue ever pops up (very rare) I just go by what I think is fair, if the material has failed within what i deem to be its reasonable service life then i’ll replace it.

Nov 14 2019 17:03

Check the citizens advice bureau

Nov 17 2019 00:13

I have a “Taillight guarantee”.

My workmanship is guaranteed till my tail lights go out of your line of vision :)

Never had any complaints - Just don’t answer your phone or check your email.

Happy Days.