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Posted By Topic: Hazardous Area Inspection

Oct 30 2019 10:48

Hi There,

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the requirement for a hazardous area electrical inspector to be "independent".
I have always been taught that the inspector had to be unrelated to the company or personnel carrying out the work to avoid a conflict of interest, but I can't find any reference in the regulations (reg 71) other than you can't have personally carried out the work (or supervised it or issued the COC).

The only other independent inspection reference I could find was referring to periodic inspection, and according to the standard, you don't need to be a registered inspector to do this - just a competent person (who may happen to be an inspector)

Paraphrasing ASNZS 60079.17 4.4.1 says you have to be sufficiently independent of the demands of maintenance activities to perform periodic inspections without prejudicial reporting of your findings.

Am I interpreting the Regulations and standards correctly or is there something I am missing?

Oct 30 2019 13:59

you have it right.

Since Supply Authorities lost that status in the 1993 changes, which introduced "3rd party" inspections; there has never been any more independence needed than what bis currently prescribed in ESR 71.

and of the 6 types of installation required to undergo periodic assessment; only three require any sort of electrical licence.
Similarly issuing WoEFs requires an "inspector" PL; but is not PEW. I think you'll find doing PAs isn't PEW either.