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Posted By Topic: Running cable

Oct 30 2019 22:30

As a homeowner, is it OK for me to run cable eg 2.5mm (adequately protected from damage etc) in preparation for the sparky to do the installation and COC, without the need for an inspector. In the past I have done this and the electrician was happy to install and sign off. Just wondering about where this fits in terms of the regs and standard. In terms of the regs it seems to me that it is not installed until it is connected up to something. Thanks in advance

Oct 31 2019 08:09

All work a home owner does must be done under regulation 57 of the Electrical Safety Regulations which is free to download

That regulations says the work must be done to ECP 51

And also says under part (e) installing, extending, and altering subcircuits (including submains), but
only if—
(i) the person does not enter (whether directly, or by holding any
material or equipment, or otherwise) any enclosure where live
conductors are likely to be present; and
(ii) the work is tested and certified in accordance with Part 2 of AS/
NZS 3000, before being connected to a power supply, by a person
authorised to inspect mains work.

So if you install any new cabling then part (ii) says it must be inspected and tested by a person authorised to inspect mains work

Oct 31 2019 09:03


Oct 31 2019 09:49

It is installed as soon as it's put in place. Installing is prescribed electrical work; which requires either an authorisation (eg relevant form of practising Licence) or an Exemption under a Section of the Electricity Act.
One exemption is for homeowners. A different one covers work done under supervision. And there's another for trainees.
The rules for each are different.
Connecting is also PEW. As ares testing & certifying.

Oct 31 2019 12:59

Many Thanks for the replies. Section 92 re supervision is what I was hoping was applicable but I didnt know the specific regulation. Thanks Doug. I will make sure that my electrician is happy to work with this arrangement.

Oct 31 2019 17:06

I think that you are stretching the "supervision" clause a bit far, are you employed to work with the electrician? What kind of prior electrical exp. do you have, If you wanted to use the supervision clause I would expect it to be close and direct supervision similar to a 1st year apprentice, this means the supervisor must be present during the work and have direct control over how the work is done, seems like this will/is not the case.

Been honest it does seem like your a homeowner trying to save a few $$, so this would obviously fall under the homeowner exemption, but the drawback there is the work must be checked by an inspector.

Oct 31 2019 22:05

in my experience the sparky will be much more efficient and do it so fast you'll stand back and be stunned. talk to the sparky first, i'll sometimes let a customer do it providing they provide detailed piccies and to my instructions