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Posted By Topic: woef for EV

Oct 31 2019 15:46

Arrived home to a request in my emails to do an woeful on an EV. Its a converted petrol car.
Heres the part in the email he wants inspected,

It's a converted car with an on-board 230Vac > DC charger, the AC wiring simply goes from the charge port under the original fuel cap to the charger in the spare wheel well.

I don't mind doing an woof if that's what he wants but should I be following AS/NZS3001 requirements for Woef eg like cable anchor.


Nov 01 2019 08:26

for most mobile plant there are two choices (his, not yours).
Either it's to be treated as a connectable installation; in which case 3001 applies - completely.
Or it's a piece of equipment, in which case no WoEF.

However ESR 3 excludes road vehicles from coverage.