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Posted By Topic: switchboard compliance

Oct 31 2019 16:52

so we have a main switchboard in a building in town, little bit on the original side of things, point is one of the tennants got their own electrician in as there was an issue with a subcircuit.... was an nzi mcb poked into a porcelain base and over time a loose connection burned out.... as they do. however now ol mate is doing the haka and saying the board is antequated and non compliant and needs extensive work doing.... my question is this.... if the board and its equipment was compliant at time of installation does that not mean its kosher? ive thermal imaged the whole board and found no other immediate issues so what if anything am i required to replace under regulations?

Oct 31 2019 17:17

That board isn't antiquated LoL. It isn't even asbestos.

It's all allowed to remain in service, unless there is anything that is electrically unsafe.