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Posted By Topic: sDoc

Nov 04 2019 15:26

Does anybody know where i can go to get a sDoc verified as have just had one send to me for a light fitting that does not look compliant on a excel spreadsheet Thanks

Nov 04 2019 16:29

Energy Safety has info on what SS0ocs should look like. And ESR 83 requires the SDoC to be "in the form prescribed by Worksafe".

Nov 04 2019 20:18

They have just sent me this and are adamant this is all they need to supply. Where do i go from here as looks like they dont have the required documentation for the light fittings they are importing and selling?

Nov 04 2019 20:53

Can't read your one. But it should look like this.

Nov 05 2019 08:16

Is this just about the paperwork, or do you have concerns about the safety of the product?

Whether the SDoC exists / is valid only matters if:
a) you are intending to rely on it when certifying that what you have installed is safe; or
b) if you are on-selling the product.

Installers are not required to have a copy.

Nov 05 2019 17:53

The fitting is going to be installed in a bathroom. It states on the light fitting it is "Damp zone rated" but does not state a IP rating. Looking at the fitting it is just a simple U shaped bracket and fitting is screwed to it from either side. Def does not look IP rated what so ever so asked for a SDoc and they can not produce one that looks like the standard ones i have seen before.

Nov 05 2019 21:57

Generally, most (parts of) bathroom ceilings are either zone 3, or outside of zone 3, so there's no requirement to be IP rated. You could just indicate on the COC that "The work relies on manufacturers instructions"

Nov 06 2019 08:41

So first thing is to check the Zones for the particular bathroom - and if Z3 then no problem.

Had a similar issue a while back, when sister-in-law wanted a chandelier in the bathroom. I wasn't keen at all, but the ceiling was high enough that we were able to compromise. Some of the baubles hang into Z2 @ 2.25 m, but none of the electrical bits do. She wanted it lower, but (as the Stones said) you can't always get what you want.

If Z0 - Z2; then yes, you need a definite IP rating, not just a general claim. However an SDoC is unlikely to provide you with the IP rating. At best it will refer to AS 60529, which sets the requirements for the IP ratings; but it won't say what the rating is. So it won't cover your bum for installing it.

Nor will that vague claim in the MIs.

So assuming this is a "domestic type" luminaire, it's definitely a DMRA and a valid SDoC must be available as per ESR 83. Selling without one is illegal.

Nov 06 2019 09:37

"Selling without one is illegal" How many times a year does Energy Safety enforce that requirement?

Nov 06 2019 10:27

No idea. I suspect few.
But then how many of us bother to report such things?
And given all the things ES have to try to do, is chasing such stuff going to be high on their agenda? Under their risk-based philosophy, I'd expect unsafe items to get more attention than simple incorrect paperwork; so I don't expect the few people they have to chase up every individual report.

But if the reports established a pattern of failure; I'm sure action would follow.

Nov 06 2019 11:19

Yes i understand zones ect and is outside zone 2 so doesnt need to be IP rated
Was more the fact it is being sold as Damp Zone Rated but does have a IP rating as fitting is from North America so wanted the SDoc to conrfirm.
Rock and a hard place as owner has purchased 2x 'Ellen Degeneres' fittings at $550 each and wants them fitted but lighting wholesaler cant supply correct paperwork.