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Posted By Topic: caravan ewof

Nov 05 2019 10:36

Morning team

Does anyone have a view with regard to uk 3 pin outlet in microwave cupboard in 2008 caravan.

The microwave is fixed but is removeable and has a uk 3 pin plug on it.

Caravan has had ewof in past judging by stickers

Nov 05 2019 11:43

It's been imported, but there's nothibng in P{art 1 that requires a different form of socket
nor for the sockets to be switched.

And then in App C of 3001; there's nothing requiring any particular form of socket; nor that sockets be switched.

As long as the fittings are electrically safe, LV sockets provide 230 V 50 Hz supply as per C 6.12, polarity C 6.13, earthing C 7.5;; can't fail WoEF

Not ideal for a GPO, and use of travel adaptors is frowned on - some of them are absolute crap, and some are so bad they've been listed as 'prohibited articles" under ESR 87.
But perfectly fine for this sort of service, where only ever likely to be used for the one appliance.

Noting also that while 3.6.3 requires "3112" type sockets for new installation, that only applies for single phase 10 A. So it's actually compliant to install a UK type socket, 'cos it's rating is 13 A.

Nov 05 2019 12:13

Thanks very much AlecK as ever much appreciated