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Posted By Topic: Caravan RCD

Nov 05 2019 11:53

is it a requirement to fit an RCD on the output side (230V) of an inverter supplied on the primary side from a 12V battery.
It is independent of the mains supplied switchboard standard system.
The output from the inverteris supplying a single switch socket unit which will operate only off the inverter.

Nov 05 2019 13:58

Does the inverter provide an isolated output?

If so, there is several options.

Does the inverter provide a bypass arrangment in case of inverter AC output failure using a supply in the caravam?

If so, there is several options.


Nov 05 2019 14:03

The output is isolated
There is no provision to connect between the mains supply & inverter


Nov 05 2019 14:04

There is no bypass arrangement

Nov 05 2019 15:21

If the inverter supplies only the one socket, or even a bunch of load, and those loads have no other supply; then it is NOT part of the "connectable installation' so does not have to comply with "3001".

That said, for safety you want the same sort of inverter that is deemed acceptable when supplying all / part of a connectable installation (ie where it is an alternative to an external supply). That means either an isolated output 9look for the 'double insulated" box-in-box symbol) or RCD protected (where the RCD is built into the inverter).

Avoid the "cheapies"; they tend not to use a transformer so bad things can happen in event of a primary - secondary fault (like putting 230 V onto the ELV d.c. side). Go for weight as an indicator that there's a tranny in the guts.