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Posted By Topic: Food Truck Service Pillar

Nov 07 2019 11:15

Do food trucks tend to have a typical supply arrangement i.e 16 amp caravan inlet?

Nov 07 2019 11:40

They have to comply as connectable Installations; which means complying with "3001". Most will use 60309 16 A connections, as generally used for caravans.

But other options are available, both for inlet (if installed) and for supply lead plug. Some mobile units have greater load so need higher ratings for supply lead fittings.

The key question is what supply will be available to a food truck (or whatever) at the site(s) they are likely to use? And who will be paying the power bill?
Unless they pay for a different rating /type of connection, chances are they'll get a standard 16 A supply via a "60309" socket, and unless separately metered (and read for each use) the power charges will likely be included in site rental.