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Posted By Topic: Cutting ceiling battens?

Nov 07 2019 21:06

Had a customer today adamant that they wanted batten holders replaced with led down lights, same location. Which would have meant cutting the ceiling battens. Usually I move the lights slightly to avoid this.

Is there any reg/rule saying we can/can not cut them?



Nov 07 2019 21:15

battens generally are not structural, so cutting away is possible - provided that clearances are met.
Not like cutting bottom chord of a truss, ewhich is structural..

Nov 07 2019 21:35

As a rule I avoid this as well, but sometimes installing the bigger fan/heat/light units has required a certain amount of tweeking especially on the old tile ceilings. I carry little angle brackets from a local hardware store which I attach to the batten and beams because those battens often aren't nailed up that well!

Nov 07 2019 21:36

that's why we have zero scb and hcb products isn't it?

Nov 08 2019 09:52

they certainly help; but still can't cut into structural components eg trusses & joists