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Posted By Topic: WoEF

Nov 08 2019 20:22

A camper van had power from the external plug going directly to a RCBO C16, which was enclosed in a 2way enclosure, where the main phase and main neutral were connected, and on the load side is where the phase and neutral went to a single power point which was right next to the RCBO. All the earths are connected into the earth terminal of this power point. The bonding to the camper van frame was a 2.5 earth wire. Would this wiring system be adequate to meet the requirements of AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3001?

Nov 08 2019 20:47

Sounds ok.
I thought there was a requirement for the chassis earth to be 4mm2 like a bonding conductor, but I can't see that in 3001 so I guess my memory is faulty.

Nov 08 2019 21:12

It's in 3000

Nov 08 2019 22:00



Nov 09 2019 08:05

A provision allowing the N-E link to be at the fitting closest to supply inlet, as alternative to having a switchboard, was on ECP 1
which was also where the 4mm chassis earth rule was.

Neither rule exists any more; in fact we forbid N-E links - and why would a chassis earth need to be bigger than the supply earth?

There's no requirement for the PEC to be terminated in the same enclosure as the overcurrent & RCD protection; and with the socket right there it makes some sense to avoid an extra, pointless connection.