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Posted By Topic: Underfloor in shower

Nov 11 2019 12:59

Hi guys,
Have another electrician asserting that an EXISTING bathroom floor slab must be bonded, given that an (undertile) heating element is being installed into the shower footprint.
I believe the wiring rules note 4,
do not support this notion given that the installation is existing, and there is no particular mention of underfloor systems in any event.
I think this electrician is simply nervous about an underfloor element installed within the grout, and inside the shower.
Any thoughts on this appreciated.

Nov 11 2019 14:16

You have correctly understood Note 4.

Remember that the heating element must be installed i.a.w. 4.10, so will be on an RCD and either earthed directly or covered by an earthed grid

Nov 11 2019 14:51

Those single wire elements have an earth screen in them over the element wire. Like a tiny coax cable.

As you have found, note 4 explains about existing not being required.


Nov 12 2019 18:28

Cool, thanks both for the responses :)