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Posted By Topic: Led lights keeps tripping the MCB

Nov 12 2019 08:50

Installed new LED lights on a C16A MCB. The load is 10.5A when the lights are on. But randomly the MCB is tripping. We have done insulation test and RZ loop test but can't find any faults. Anyone else had the same issues with LED lights?

Nov 12 2019 09:09

How many/what size LEDs are sucking 10.5A (2300W+)?

Does it only pop at turn on or during running?

Nov 12 2019 10:14

You mean an RCBO?
Possibly tripping on inrush current, not leakage.

I'm guessing you're talking about big highbays or something?

Nov 12 2019 20:09

I'd be blaming inrush.

Consider a D16 or C20 if you have enough loop impedance available, split the circuit, or use different fittings.

You could also do some kind of staggered start or I've seen inrush current limiters, but I'm a little skeptical about whether they affect your available short-circuit current.