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Posted By Topic: Oven Isolator

Nov 12 2019 13:08

Hey guys,
Pretty sure this is okay, but just wanted your thoughts...
I'm just doing a Kitchen where the oven isolator has ended a bit over 500mm away from the edge of the Kitchen sink. I just checked AS/NZS 3000 and looks as if it is fine as it falls into zone 3.
As usual, any feedback would be appreciated.

Nov 12 2019 15:22

Presumably you mean a range or a cooktop, as an oven doesn't require a switch (it's not an isolator).

Yes 500mm away from the sink is fine. Which is outside zone 2 (there is no zone 3).

It should also be visible, and within 2m of the cooktop.
Also preferably not within 150mm of the cooktop, or behind it.

Nov 12 2019 15:39

As Doug said above I assume you're referring to the switch required for a range or hob with open cooking surface

Regardless of what the switches purpose is if it's over 500mm horizontally from the sink edge it will be outside of any zone for sinks regardless of size

A sink that exceeds 45 litres or has a water outlet via a flexible hose a horizontal zone of 500mm for zone 2 and if the sink is 45 litres or less then zone 2 only extends 150mm from the edge

Sinks have no zone 1 or zone 3

All the relevant information can be found in also in figures 6.10 and 6.11


Nov 12 2019 16:50

Awesome thanks guys!!
And yes, it was the switch for the oven/cooktop.