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Posted By Topic: Surface sockets need fixing?

Nov 12 2019 22:05

If installing led lights with surface sockets do they need to be fixed in place?

Does exception 1 apply?



Nov 12 2019 22:18

It's not "exception 1" - it's a list of conditions which must ALL be complied with.

Including number 4, which won't apply to 1mm2.


Nov 13 2019 06:58

para d) gives both the requirement (securely fixed in position), and the reason (avoid strain on the conductors of installation wiring.

remember also that an open-back mounting block, or open-back surface socket, needs to be fixed to avoid access to live parts / primary insulation without use of tool. The types with insulation-piercing connection direct to TPS would avoid this problem.

Also because they are sockets, you need to RCD-protect them, even if they are additions / alterations to existing lighting circuit and regardless of whether residential or otherwise.

Nov 15 2019 14:52

So basically you can't use them for downlights in inaccessible ceilings. Good luck mounting them to anything with a 80-90mm downlight cutout.

Nov 15 2019 14:58

The simple answer is cut off the plug, and use a j-box.