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Posted By Topic: zone around lab gas taps

Nov 13 2019 22:16

Ive been researching if there is a zone around the gas taps and outlets you find in labs.
These are the ones you find on benches in most science labs a tap that lets gas through an open end that a rubber tube is pushed over for a burner. The tap can be opened without a burner being in place. even the burner is open ended.
There is a manual safety cut off.
Can someone give advise

Nov 14 2019 08:50

No different from a gas fire or gas califont or gas oven; or any other appliance.
The gas can be turned on without being lit.

There is no Zone, and no special precautions are required.

The only ones we have to watch are around bottles, mains gas regulators, etc; as per 4.18.