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Posted By Topic: YouTube Self-help Videos

Nov 17 2019 08:39

What are everyone's thoughts on self-help videos on electrical work?

A came across a video about a 'how-to' replace a switchboard in a house. This vid was part 1 in a 3 part series detailing aspects of putting together rcds into a PDL switchboard.

I believe the videos are from NZ (by 'sparkydave').

I only watched 30 seconds of it and stopped watching it and it made me mad.


Nov 17 2019 16:55

Nah not a problem Dan, now if it was DIY brain surgery that could be a different story.

Nov 17 2019 20:28

Personally i love them. And good on him for having the guts to film it for everyone to judge. Its helpful to see how other sparkys do things. If a homeowner wants to play "electrician" and burn down their house down or kill someone, that's their problem.