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Posted By Topic: Industrial electric vehicle charging

Nov 18 2019 11:09

I am in the process of investigating a 1,600 amps/phase ev charger for a boat. Output is 1,500amps @ 750vdc.
Trying to find the do's and dont's is extremely difficult.
Any thoughts?

Nov 18 2019 12:01

There is very little written, both internationally and locally on electric vehicle charging systems at the power levels you quote.

At the power levels you quote, it is likely to be outside of what an electrical installation would be able supply. It is also likely to be higher than a 230/400 volt supply and more likely to be medium voltage (670 volts approx) or may be a HV supply (3.3 kV) will be required. It will depend on the electric charger manufacturer requires

The lines company in the area of the charging source may be unable to supply that level of energy required, in particular if it is only required by for a short duration during scheduled short term stop for unloading of goods or pasengers.

The use of the higher supply voltages would preclude the use of AS/NZS 3000.