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Posted By Topic: Double insulated metal clad panel heater

Nov 19 2019 11:45

Hi there, as a registered electrician of 30 plus years I have been left very confused about what double insulated means, if you take a look at the picture you will see there are bare live terminals, when the terminal box is screwed back in place the bare terminals are about 20mm away from the un-earthed metal chassis of the heater, does this sound correct to you?


Nov 19 2019 18:02

I agree with you, but it's a PITA getting anything done about stuff like this. A couple of years back the Mrs. brought a desk light from a well known red shed, anyway it said double insulated (the double square symbol), no earth and exposed metalwork which was in contact with single insulated internal wiring. The red shed company had their expert (I'm picking the stock boy) take a look and said it was compliant, I inquired with energy safety they were quite happy to take the red sheds word, and were reluctant to follow up. It was easier to throw it away and not worry about it.


Nov 19 2019 21:33

Had a customer supply a "double insulated" led light fitting from a big DIY store. The primary single insulated wires that fed the driver went from the strip connector between the low voltage led board and the metal of the base. I found a spot and earthed it.

Nov 20 2019 11:58

BCee, did you report it?


Nov 20 2019 13:49

No. And the reason? I'm just getting tired of getting nowhere. I left it in a state that I would of been happy to have in my own house, and left it at that.

Nov 20 2019 21:24

I reported a "double insulated" light fitting that had a earth wire built in and single insulated wiring inside.
A year later im still waiting for them to get back to me, they havnt asked for any more information or photos etc.
It was one of 3 things I reported last year with 0 replies.