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Posted By Topic: Sonoff smart wiring

Nov 19 2019 21:04

Has anyone had experience with Sonoff smart wiring? I have a fault in a customers house where the lights in a couple of the rooms turn on randomly. I can’t find a NZ distributor and there’s another thread here about them not being approved in NZ.

Nov 19 2019 22:41

Try google.
Here is 1 link below.
And seems not approved for Australia. Not sure about NZ

Nov 19 2019 23:00

Yes, experienced this. It's not the hardware, in my case it turned out to be the ousy wifi connection repeatedly dropping and as the switch configuration defaults to 'OFF', every time it reconnected to the wifi it set itself to OFF. Change the config to 'Last settings on connect' and the problem is gone.

Are these things not approved in NZ? I have a pile of Sonoff Duals here controlling all sorts of things.

Nov 21 2019 07:57

Futures New Zealand I think are a sonoff agent / installer here in chch

Nov 21 2019 17:27

Be nice if someone could produce a cheap NC-C-NO relat with an RJ45 port and html interface. Webrelay make these but at Yankee prices....

Wireless is so unreliable due to congestion, obstructions and other problems that ya can't beat a hunk of CatV cable.

Nov 22 2019 07:39

There are some cheap chinese ethernet connected solid state relay banks , ELV but could be used with NZ approved 24v/240v contact relays
Html interface looks a bit clunky though.

Nov 22 2019 12:48

Any idea of the brand or do you have a link to these please?

Nov 23 2019 07:41

Nov 26 2019 16:21

another advantage to Cat5 is it's less susceptible to hacking - there are plenty of youtube videos showing how easy it is to mess with wirelessly controlled lights...