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Posted By Topic: Polarity tester

Nov 20 2019 19:57

Hi all, is there a plug in tester out there which can put a load between terminals when testing power points like you can with duspols? As in putting a load between phase and neutral to check earth and neutral are not transposed. Sick of safety shutters ruining my duspols.

Nov 20 2019 20:05

Ask your wholesaler. Bunnings even sell one. You can make one with a 3 pin plug and 3 lights.

Nov 20 2019 20:22

The bunnings little plug tester is good, but doesn't do what the op wants

Wont trip a rcd like the duspols do

I find it super handy for isolating when I'm on my own in a big house

Nov 20 2019 21:19

I use the tester in the link, it trips the RCD on neutral/earth reversal
My local Active and Scotts both stock it
The plastic around the pins isnt the strongest though, I have had one break floating around in my tool bag

Nov 20 2019 21:45

Nathan5, that's a nifty thing. How much are they?


Nov 20 2019 21:47

Been a little while since I brought one but from memory it was around the $110 mark

Nov 20 2019 22:59

When you do the trailing lead test for earth continuity at the outlet, if the RCD is off, then it must be the earth you are testing to on the earth pin of the socket outlet because the neutral is isolated at the dual pole RCD.

Nov 21 2019 11:57

If the N-E link is opened, then you can test to earth bar and know you're testing PECs not Ns