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Posted By Topic: Cost effective PAT

Nov 21 2019 07:57

Hey, just wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap PAT

I don't like buying cheap and always use high quality gear (Fluke) but I don't deal with them enough to warrant spending out on a high quality piece of equipment so I just want something that's low in cost for occasional use to I can ensure appliances meet the requirements of earth leakage and would like something that uses the differencial method as it seems to be the most effective

Any other recommendations welcomed on how to achieve this test method

Nov 22 2019 09:44

When I got my Megger MFT years ago I also bought an appliance test lead which looks like AVO made themselves. It is pretty much just a set of leads wired into a female plug.
It takes a little longer than a PAT tester but as I have done bugger all appliance testing it has worked well for me.

Nov 22 2019 23:22

Depends on what else you want to do, a clamp tester that will measure differential currents in millamps, and a lead with active and neutral connected to a socket with a roving independent earth that you use to probe screws and any accessible metal might be a cost effective option.

If you want a package that will do Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance (at 500v 250V), Differential current leakage tests, and full RCD tests (both isolated and non isolated) I'd look at a Metral 3309 BT. For the price (around $1550) these are quite a capable PAT tester, easy to get a learner up and running on, come with some basic reporting software, store 1500 test results, only think that I don't like about them is that to input data (location, appliance details etc) you need to hook up a mobile phone, tablet etc,
Can also get an app that will turn your phone into a 2D barcode scanner and talk to PAT, upload test details and actually control PAT while it's testing (that's extra to buy an unlock code to access) will also download tag details to a printer- again extra dosh required.


Nov 23 2019 09:22

To be honest, I just want something for the earth leakage differential test

I have other test equipment I can use for the other tests but it's just items that aren't suitable for insulation resistance testing that I want to be able to confirm at the moment

Nov 24 2019 22:26

I've considered wiring up an isolating transformer so things can be meggered while turned on.

Nov 25 2019 07:24

I made up a differential testing unit with a CT out of an RCD. Basically as per the diagram Figure E2 in 3760.

I think I used 3 turns of A&N around the CT, to give me 1/10 ratio. So for 5mA leakage it outputs 0.5mA. You would have to do some testing depending on the CT that you use.