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Posted By Topic: Organising metering upgrade

Nov 21 2019 20:53

Hi everyone.

I'm installing a HWC on a property which will be tenanted soon. Hot water was previously heated by a coal range wetback, with no provision for electrical heating. New electric HWC is being installed, and I'm arranging for a ripple relay to be added to the current metering (a smart meter). There's currently power to the house, but only to the meter, ie no power account is associated with the house.

Am I right in thinking that the process must be driven by a retail company?

It's been suggested to me that the new tenants can notify their retailer they are moving, informing them that the upgrade will be required, and the retailer's metering contractor would then perform the work prior to their moving in. If so, I presume the retailer could invoice the landlord directly. Is this feasible?

Or will the landlord be required to set up a temporary account, and request the upgrade under that account?

Thanks for any advice.


Nov 21 2019 21:36

Sorry all, I come here to read occasionally and have just realised / recalled there's a poster on here already called Hoiho. I use this name on a couple of other sites, wasn't intentional. I'll make an account with a new username.
Sorry Hoiho!

Nov 21 2019 22:16

What area are you in?

Nov 21 2019 23:36

Otago, in OtagoNet network area.

Nov 22 2019 09:17

You are correct, the metering upgrade is organised is the retailer. There should be no cost to the customer except if there are wiring modifications required in the installation.
The metering equipment is owned by a Metering Equipment Provider. Not usually the Retailer or local lines company. (Except for Counties Power in the North Island). The MEP looks after installation and certification of the metering equipment.

Nov 22 2019 11:50

The default metering provider on OtagoNet is Trustpower.

However they just announced they are selling their metering operation - test house and all - to another entity.

Nov 22 2019 13:32

The last couple of meter shifts i have done up here in Auckland, customers have had a $150 or so charge from there retailer, added to there power bill