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Posted By Topic: Outdated Standards

Nov 22 2019 11:45

Hello Guys as standards are updated do we need to comply with the newest standard if the Regs still cite the older version. I understand this would be best practice and the Regs take awhile to catch up. BUT what about EWRB website which can be easily updated yet still have outdated standards cited in the teaching guidelines and other places. It seems to me that at the very least the teaching guidelines should be the most up to date standards which send the message that staying up to date is the preference of the board?
3000 has both 2007 & 2018 cited as current which is fine meaning you can utilize either. However 5033 for PV is cited to comply with 2005 yet there has been 2 updates that have been approved. What are we required to work to???

Nov 22 2019 11:52

We are required to comply with the versions cited in Schedule 2 of ESRs.

We can choose to go further, and follow later versions - but only as long as that doesn't result in any non-compliance with the cited version

Nov 25 2019 13:00

Ok thought so thank you