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Posted By Topic: Mains from mains entry point.

Nov 22 2019 17:53


I am going to be moving a main switchboard to a new location (domestic). The existing mains from the pole on the street to the mains entry box on the gable is 35 mm 1 c NS (approx 60 m from pole). From entry box to the existing MSB it’s 16 mm2 2 c TPS. The new replacement mains from the mains entry box to the new MSB location is longer (approx 14 m).

Question: should I be using the same size cable (35 mm2) from the mains entry box to the new MSB or

Nov 22 2019 17:54

Is 16 mm or 25 mm appropriate?

Nov 22 2019 20:54

(I forgot to mention the new board is a combined MSB and meter board.)

Nov 23 2019 10:57

do a volt drop calc to determine the VD in the o/h section, and see how much is left out of a nominal 2.5% for mains. Then use that to determine whether you need to increase conductors size above the minimum set by 3.4.1; and if so by how much.

Nov 23 2019 13:20