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Posted By Topic: Outdoor sub board

Nov 23 2019 21:13

Hey guys

I have a meter board enclosure outside with porcelain fuses inside, been asked to add on to circuits and want to put them on rcd. Enclosure has no room to add rcds and I suspect the back board is aspestos. Is there Any way I could put a little sub board enclosure next to the meter box outside? Will be on the weatherboard on the exterior of the house

Nov 24 2019 00:03

your photos didn't upload, try again....

Nov 24 2019 09:10

from the description, this sounds like a bog-standard set-up with external meters and internal MSB.

There's no great problem finding a suitably rated enclosure to set up a DB outdoors.
But you can't feed it from the meterbox unless the meterbox either already is, or can be made to be, the MSB; with both the existing and new swbds supplied via submains.

For your situation that almost certainly means making the meterbox compliant as a switchboard in all respects, adding main switch, and overload & short circuit protection for both submains, and moving the MEN point to new N&E bars in the what will now be a combined mer & MSB enclosure.

Remembering that as the MSB it has to be accessible for the user (unlike a meter-only enclosure), so if the lid is screwed shut that has to go, and any newly-accessible basic insulation has to be screened.

Why not just add your new panel alongside the existing swbd?

Nov 24 2019 09:29

A better option IMO would be to replace the whole switchboard. It's going to need to be done eventually anyway.