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Posted By Topic: Extension of lighting CCT doesn't require RCD?

Nov 23 2019 21:24

After I completed my regs exam I noticed an exception to

"2.6.3 Where additional protection is required - Residential electric installations"

Where it lists socket outlets and lighting points etc.

In the clause

" Alterations, additions and repairs"

It says

"Exceptions: The requirements of Clauses and need not
apply to the following:"

With exception number 2 being

"Extensions to final subcircuits supplying lighting points only, provided
that the existing final subcircuit is not RCD-protected."

So does this mean

a) running a new ctrl cable from an existing switch doesn't require RCD protection for that cct


b) running feeds and controls from existing switches doesn't require RCD protection but running a new lighting feed from the switchboard does

My understanding is that the answer is b) but if anyone could help me confirm this I'd appreciate it

Nov 23 2019 21:37

You've answered your own question (A and B).

However, if you add a socket outlet to the light control (eg plug-in type LED down light) then it would need to be.

Nov 23 2019 21:41


If you make an alteration or addition to an existing final subcircuit that only supplys lighting points then RCD protection is not required to be added

Nov 23 2019 21:55

cheers for the answers I've wanted to confirm this for a while now :D

Nov 28 2019 09:31

Yeah always remember that any surface sockets (inline fans, ustilising 3 pin plug on downlights) must be rcd protected regardless of that exemption. Quick fix is cut the plug and use a jbox