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Posted By Topic: Network supply prices.....

Nov 26 2019 08:13

Hi guys,
I’ve recently got a quote from our network provider to supply a 3 phase supply to our boundary, price came back as ridiculous as ever.

My question is is there anything that we can do ie get a council certified person to do the trenching and I lay the cable then the network provider hook it up. Just seems a bit weird that there is no competition for the network provider.

The cost of the cable is about 1/10th of the price.


Nov 26 2019 17:28

it's a captive market, you can't go anywhere else so if you want to play in the networks sandpit then you need to play by their rules.

Nov 27 2019 02:40

There was something about this on Fair Go not long ago. A regular established street with a new house at front of subdivided section I think.

I'm vague on the details but it was something like the power trenching was well over $10,000 while the phone trenching was $1500 and they were scheduled only a day or two apart. Funnily, there was an arrangement to do both together for reasonable combined price once it went to Fair Go.


Nov 27 2019 02:42

Both had to cross the street from next to each other.