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Posted By Topic: Junction Box fixing

Nov 27 2019 20:37

Just curious what peoples opinions are, do they need to be fixed down using the nails provided in the base? Or can they be left unfixed provided the cable is already sufficient supported and fixed?

If they need to be fixed and there is no timber to fix too or it's an inaccessible location how do you fix them?

Nov 27 2019 21:55

Varies according to the situation for me - if it moves is it liable to cause a problem?

Tbh in ceiling spaces if the cables themselves are not clipped probably better letting them lie loose so if a cable gets caught on something or someone & then pulled - minimal stress is put on the joins,

Obviously under houses etc & certain other situations where cables are clipped best to nail/screw them to a joist etc

Nov 27 2019 22:14

I would think 3000: would apply.
I have seen plenty of unfixed Jboxes in ceiling cavity's.
I tend to take the nails out and use wood screws and impact driver.
If the structure is not timber then it is usually steel so sharp drill and tap.
I wouldn't mount the jbox in an inaccessible place.

Nov 27 2019 22:15

Whether you fix them in place or not, you have to ensure the connection is mechanically secure, so there's no strain on the connection of the conductors.

Also, if you don't fix them down, you must remove the nails from the base as they are an exposed conductive part.


Nov 28 2019 07:30

Thank, it was always one I couldn't really decide what I thought myself so I was just curious like I said of what others opinions on the matter was