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Posted By Topic: Sharing trench with water mains?

Nov 28 2019 18:04

Hi guys, hope you're all well. Got a quick question. Doing a new build house and the builder has suggested sharing the trench the water boys have dug as the run from the boundary to the house is exactly the same. Obviously the water pipes won't be at 600mm but I was wondering what the go is with depth and danger tape etc if I do this? It will all be concreted over so can I just run at the same depth as pipes? And do I need mag slab or just danger tape? Haven't done any mains installs where I haven't dug my own trench so not sure what the go is?
Thanks in advance!

Nov 28 2019 18:21

Sharing with water is no problem, Magslab vs. danger tape, this depends on the type of cable you are putting in the trench and what is eventually going over the top of it.

All the info you need is in table 3.5 and 3.6 of AS/NZS3000:2007

Nov 28 2019 19:50

3.11.5 etc

Nov 28 2019 21:31

Awesome,thanks for your replies. Since losing my regs book I've struggled to navigate the online one. Was going to buy the 2018 edition hardcopy but it seems it still won't be much use. Kinda makes the 2018 part a bit of a joke really considering we're nearly in 2020!

Thanks again