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Posted By Topic: Lightning Protection Certification

Nov 30 2019 15:37

Hi. I have been asked to test the soil resistivity of a lightning protection system. I have never done this before and just wondering if anyone has some tips for standards etc. I do have a 4 pole tester available. Some quick tips would be appreciated, anyone willing to share their knowledge just to set me off on the right foot. Thanks

Nov 30 2019 16:47

I have done it some years ago, using the 3-electrode method. I don't know whether there is a new standard for this test now.
One thing to watch out for are buried conductive items like water pipes or reinforced concrete; if they fall in the area between your electrodes you will get false results.
And a handy tip; if the resistance of the main earth electrode is too high, get the lads around to pee on it. Works wonders!

Dec 01 2019 23:38

AS/NZS 1768:2007
Section C10 Measurement of soil resistivity, earthing electrode resistance and earth termination impedance