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Posted By Topic: Double Adapters

Dec 24 2019 13:15


As an electrician, from the UK, double adapters have come to my attention here.
A 10amp rated double adapter has the potential to draw 20 amps.
Seems to make a mockery of electrical safety in NZ?
Or am I missing something?

Dec 24 2019 13:29

"Seems to make a mockery of electrical safety in NZ?
Or am I missing something? "

Nope, much the same as cheap arse multioutlet boards on sale with thermal cutouts that do not work.
Part of the reason there are so many "electrical" fires in NZ, how many? Hard to say, Energy Safety is too busy tinkering with their risk management model to count them,mush less actually do something that might prevent them

Dec 24 2019 13:35

The UK (and a couple of old colonies) have the fused plugs for overcurrent protection on each appliance. We use the same plugs as China with a label saying "Maximum 10A total".
And they catch fire quite often.

Dec 24 2019 14:21

"We use the same plugs" Not quite the same, slight difference in dimensions, active and neutral pins not insulated, and Chinese outlet the earth is uppermost.

If you are asked to test and tag items with these fitted, they may well be 220V rated, so two reasons why they fail

Jan 08 2020 21:21

Thanks for replying. Might as well make up your own double socket extension lead with a 1mm cable. In fact you might as well do everything wrong. Same diff. Lol! I've also noticed you can't buy 3 pole isolator switches for extractor fans. Nor fused spurs. Nor 10 amp 4 terminal junction boxes for lighting wiring with loop. Bizarre!

Jan 08 2020 22:11

You could always try going back to the UK !!

Whining seems to be a national sport there.

Jan 08 2020 23:40

Why do you think you need a 3 pole isolator for a bathroom fan?

And fused spurs aren't required as we don't normally install ring fed circuits. Even with our radial circuits, you can branch off with the same size cable, or even a smaller cable in some circumstances.

As for the 4 terminal 10A junction boxes - I guess someone just needs to train you how to use a standard junction box with as many 30A single screw connectors as you can fit.


Jan 09 2020 07:44

Well, that's a really good reply Simon, on topic and to the point. But what has the sex and travel advice got to do with double adapters?

Jan 10 2020 07:53

Here is a J-box with 5 terminals:
Would that do?

Jan 26 2020 17:39

I left the UK because of all the whinging and often point out to Kiwis that some of them might be better off over there when they start. Maybe NZ isn't for you?

I often tell my clients to cut the pins off those double adaptors and throw them in the bin. Sometimes see the dryer and washing machine plugged into one, or kettle and microwave. Most are already half stuffed through overheating from overload.

I also advise them to get a socket fitted when I see the cheap extension cord run behind the bed to the EPOD for the bedside lamp, phone charger and electric blanket. Those leads also get a "workout" during any "nocturnal" activity and are a fire risk.

You can look at things as a negative and complain about them or you can advise people as to why things shouldn't be done and maybe get some extra work for it.