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Posted By Topic: Est Maintenance/replacement

Jan 22 2020 11:41

With the EWRB recently clarifying! limits of work for EST's, would the replacement of conventional fluorescent light fittings with
with similar sized but obviously lower consumption LED counterparts be considered as maintenance ie: EST OK or replacement so outside of limits or is a 4 foot fluorescent an appliance ? The exising wiring (3 core) is in good condition and does not require altering. (Suppose the question is where does EST maintenance end and the electrician only role begin).


Jan 22 2020 11:55

I would consider that as a like-for-like fitting replacement. No different to changing brands.


Jan 22 2020 12:12

I notice there is now extended clarification where it describes "replacement" as included in "repair", with limits on what the replacement can be, see link.

So, yes, EST licence covers it.

Jan 22 2020 12:16

replacement of such fittings can be classified as maintenance of the installation; and therefore covered by ESR 59(3).

But it can't be considered to be maintenance of the fittings / appliances concerned; instead it would be disconnection of old fitting and connection of new fitting.

replacement of fittings as described would fit within item (a) of the LoW for an EST:
"the installation, connection, or maintenance of fittings where the fittings are connected, or intended to be connected, to conductors used in works or installations".
Also item (c):
"the connection or disconnection of fittings to or from a power supply, other than by means of a plug or pin inserted into a socket, or an appliance connector inserted into an appliance inlet".

The additional "plain language" explanation of EST LoW state clearly that an EST is permitted to:
"Disconnect from and reconnect to fixed wiring, fittings, electrical appliances, equipment (as a function of maintenance and repair)"; and to:
"Replace (as a function of maintenance and repair) fittings electrical appliances, equipment".


Jan 26 2020 16:33

Came across a new range socket installed by an EST the other day, the old range was hard wired. To me that is going beyond what the EST is licenced for.

Jan 26 2020 18:19

EST licence should cover replacing the whole range as long as the new one is the same rating.


Jan 26 2020 18:25

When you say "new" socket, I'm assuming you mean a replacement of an existing socket that had presumably failed.


Jan 26 2020 18:31

No, as stated the old range was hardwired and the client wanted a socket so that they could remove the range for renovations in the kitchen and cleaning. Charged over $400 for this.

Jan 26 2020 18:37

And supplied no COC or ESC. I told him he should ask for a combined COC and ESC and if the guy is only an ESC he should ask for money back and make a complaint if he wishes.
The guy that did the work runs an appliance repair and installation business. He may hold an EPL but if he did why not supply the required documentation?

Jan 26 2020 20:39

Oh, I was thinking a socket on the range, not a socket for the range.