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Posted By Topic: What's behind my wall?

Jan 23 2020 11:49

Hi guys,

Need some help in telling what this cloth like thing is which wraps cables below the electrical box.There is also two bulges going down the wall (I suspect its the same thing)

It seems like the previous person that did the wiring wrapped it in this cloth like material and plastered over it.

Was wondering if I can use a patch like this to patch it up : ttps://

Here are some pictures of the said wiring

Jan 24 2020 10:10

are they bags of cocaine?

Jan 24 2020 10:24

Without getting an electrician in to assess it, you may as well just patch it over. It's unlikely to be very solid without putting some support/blocking behind the hole. But we're not usually here for decorating advice lol...
I will just say that most of those DIY fillers aren't usually much good for large holes - they'll shrink and crack. But you'll get there eventually.

Also be aware that it's quite possible that the wall sheeting contains asbestos. And maybe even those things stuffed in the hole. I saw one house that had bits of white asbestos pipe lagging and sheet throughout the ceiling, in someones attempt to "insulate" the house. I guess a previous owner brought scraps of it home from the railway workshops.