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Posted By Topic: rangehood for villa

Jan 24 2020 10:08

hi folks, need a taller than usual rangehood, or one you can buy extra chimney parts for a high villa, what do people use these days please?

Jan 24 2020 12:41

Most manufacturers offer additional lengths. Check out the instructions. They usually mention what’s available.
As far as the flue there’s usually aftermarket available

Jan 24 2020 13:24

Can go to electrical wholesalers or bunnings and get flexi duct kit(non flammable) or is it exposed ??

Jan 24 2020 21:54

ducting is no issue, stainless surround is what i need

Jan 24 2020 22:27

most have additional covers. I purchased a Westinghouse recently and extras are available

Jan 24 2020 22:50

Harvey Norman.
Trade Depot.

Jan 25 2020 09:21

Ask around and find a sheet metal worker to make up the pieces you need. Though of course cost then becomes an issue.

Jan 25 2020 09:37

my customer asked at the local supplier and got a blank look, hence the question here, appreciate the reply but would rather get something off the shelf rather than custom made thanks folks

Jan 25 2020 12:42

Unless some no name brand contact the manufacturer

Jan 30 2020 09:29

Contact parmco mt wellington see if they have anything available


Jan 30 2020 11:30

I have a spare section if you are stuck for one.