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Posted By Topic: Multi Function Testers

Jan 25 2020 16:03

Hi all,

I am looking to buy my own and first personal multi function tester.

What band do you guys prefer / suggest?

I am leaning towards a Fluke 1662 or Megger maybe.
The reason for the fluke also is I can get one whilst my parents visit family in the UK where they are half the price than NZ.
(Change the plug and find somewhere in Auckland to calibrate it)

All suggestions and info would be much appreciated.

Jan 25 2020 22:18

The Fluke or the Megger are good.
A lot of people are going for Metrel as well - but IMO, they can make things overly complicated, and I've heard that the battery life is way less than the Fluke. Also possibly some reliability issues.

If you're into Facebook groups, there's an excellent electricians group where this question has been asked a few times already - so there's a lot of information from owners. (A lot of the members of that group are Australian, and they seem to believe that detailed records of tests on every circuit are necessary, so a lot of them are going for higher end models with logging, bluetooth etc.)

PS. you need to answer all the questions and agree to the rules to join the group.

Jan 26 2020 09:17

While records of test results are not a requirement of wiring rules or NZ regulations; they are increasingly called for as a condition of contract.

I can't comment in detail about relative merits of makes / models. However there is an argument in favour of not having just one instrument, so as not to loose all test capability if (when?) it stops working or is sent away for repair/calibration.
There's also the sheer size of the things. For most work you don't need all those functions; so a single-function or dual-function unit may be more convenient.

Feb 06 2020 22:22

I have previously used a Fluke 1662 and it was a very good tester for what it was. I used that for about 4 years.
However I do prefer my current setup of a seperate IR/ continuity tester and seperate EFLI tester, which are the Megger brand. Handy to have the smaller meter for IR testing/fault finding, rather than a 2K larger tester dragged through industrial sites etc.

Feb 07 2020 07:43

I'd stay away from the Megger brand. The company I work for has had a very high failure rate with these. Converted over to the Fluke 1662 five years ago and haven't looked back.