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Posted By Topic: Caravan Supply Lead

Jan 27 2020 22:16

I have been asked to inspect caravans at a camp at which many of the caravans are 'permanent',ie jacked up and on blocks. A few have the supply cable buried in the ground but not at per AS/NZS3001. The supply cable is in a hose or plastic pipe at varying shallow depths.
Is this an automatic fail? My reading of the standard show this is a fail. Any comments?

Jan 27 2020 22:34

Are you an inspector or an electrician?


Jan 28 2020 08:27

My reading of the standard is this needs to be as per 3001: 5.2 then 2.2.2. In the past another inspector has passed it like this as being better than on the ground.

Jan 28 2020 08:58

As caravan installations is not classed as high risk PEW, there can be no need to "inspect" them.
Checking them for possible issue of a WoEF is an entirely different matter; under a different regulation - ESR 78 not 70

When undertaking such assessments, ESR 78 stipulates that a WoEF must be issued in accordance with "3001"; but that doesn't mean the entire Standard applies.

A WoEF is about the safety of the caravan 's installation. The standard specifically states the conditions for issue of a WoEF in clause 3.10.2; which points to Appendix C as the ONLY requirements for issue.
So anything in the rest of the document simply does not apply and can be ignored.

For construction of or alterations to a caravan, much of the rest of the standard applies, so must be complied with for issue of CoC (as stipulated by ESR 60.

But how someone uses a caravan is a matter covered by ESRs ONLY; and nothing requires compliance with the specific "usage" aspects of the Standard, such as clause 5.2.

So while the burial of the supply lead as described does not comply with the standard, such compliance is not in any way a requirement; and even less is it a WoEF matter.

Note also that despite WoEF assessments not being PEW; we still have an obligation to report "immediate danger" under ESR 19. So if you have concerns beyond the matters in Appendix C, that's the official way to deal with them. Or you could simply point the non-compliance out.

What you can't do is decline to issue the WoEF if all the "boxes" set by App C are ticked. Or rather, if you do, you can't expect to get paid. we don't have any right to impose our own ideas of how things "must" be. We have to apply the 'rules" for WoEF issue as they are written.

Finally, some specific about leads for issue of WoEF that may be of use.
C 6.5 covers all "exterior equipment", including the flex of the lead.
C 6.3 covers ALL fittings, again including the flex of the lead.
If it's inside a conduit, let alone buried, you cannot assess these aspects. And unless they are assessed, you can't be certain they are OK - which is what you need to be, in order to issue a WoEF.

Jan 28 2020 12:44

Precisely... flex of connection lead needs to be taken out of the conduit and removed from the ground in order to assess for issue of WoEF... what they do with it afterwards is irrelevant.

Good luck!