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Posted By Topic: green 6 mm conduit wire

Jan 28 2020 13:51

Got given an almost complete roll of green 6mm conduit wire , Not green? yellow . Is it only good for scrap .

Jan 28 2020 17:24

Only if you never do anything other than a.c. installation wiring.
As soon as you get into anything else, eg equipment wiring, that cable is perfectly OK to use.

Even within installation wiring, the restriction only applies to a.c. systems - 1.7.2 & 3.8.1 only specifically forbid using yellow for actives or neutrals; and - indirectly - for earths. You can use yellow for any other function, eg d.c doesn't have active or neutral.

In fact, in "3004" yellow is a recommended colour for negative of d.c. systems of boats.


Jan 28 2020 18:50

cut it into six inch lengths, rip the copper out, sell it to a scrappy and then you've got a lot of green straws....

Jan 28 2020 20:22

Use as normal and sleeve at each termination point with green/yellow striped sleeving.

Jan 28 2020 20:47

Thanks for replys , straws sound an excellent idea..... Hadn't thought of shrink sleeve , to green yellow , I have used green yellow shrink before on a bare earth conductor when upgrading a switch board, but didn't realise i could use on a new installation.
Thanks again for Help .

Jan 29 2020 08:35

Using yellow or green insulated conductor for an earthing, and sleeving the ends G/Y (as suggested by oldspark) appears to squeeze within the letter of the Wiring Rules.

It's certainly not within the sleeving practices that are specifically allowed by 3.8.2; but there's also no specific prohibition on doing it. If it said "may only", it would be restrictive; thus banning any other configurations. But wording is "may", so is permissive. (Which shows how important the little words can be; including words that are not used.)

For green wire; I'd say there would be zero chance of anyone being confused; so the fundamental requirement (3.8.1, para 1, bold text) to clearly identify function would be met. Worth noting that sleeving existing green earths with G/Y sleeving is not only expressly permitted, but mandatory under of 2018 edition; so no-one (except maybe EWRB) can argue that it's contrary to intent of the rules.

But for yellow; the same wouldn't apply, because yellow has had a long association with other function(s).