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Posted By Topic: NZ Standard colours for 24VDC control wiring?

Jan 30 2020 21:09

Are there NZ Standard colours for 24VDC control wiring? Thanks.

Jan 30 2020 22:27

Short answer. No.

There is no long answer !

Jan 31 2020 06:34

Does Blue for 24VDC+ and Grey for 0V sound like common colours? Thanks.

Jan 31 2020 09:19

Most of my sites used purple for +24VDC and orange for 0VDC. Biggest key is wire numbers and as built drawings then it doesn't really matter what you use. All one colour works if you have wire numbers.

Jan 31 2020 22:41

Our board builder generally uses pink (+) and grey (-) for 24VDC, and purple (L) and brown (N) for 24VAC.

I think european gear usually uses IEC 60204, which I think calls for blue (+) and blue/white striped (-). That conflicts with L3 here of course.

60204 is a deemed compliant in the regs, but we don't get a free copy...

I like pink/grey. It's obvious which is positive and negative but it's also different from most everything else.

Feb 06 2020 22:34

I have seen (and we use) violet for +24V DC and grey for 0V.