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Posted By Topic: 3000:2018A1 released today

Jan 31 2020 22:29

But there's a problem with the Standards NZ server and you can't access it.

They have told me that the problem should be resolved with webserver updates happening overnight tonight.

Feb 01 2020 08:52

It's available now, just downloaded it

Curious to have a look at what's changed, wonder when we'll finally get to use it haha

Feb 03 2020 17:23

Will still be required to be cited be the ESR, any idea when this may happen?.

Feb 03 2020 22:18

Not likely in 2020 was the last message that I got from Energy Safety.

Feb 04 2020 08:16

Wow, this is quickly becoming a joke. 3000:2018 and probably will be lucky if it's ready three years later in 2021.

Feb 04 2020 10:09

It's the same as last time, the 2007 edition wasn't cited until 2010,at least we get the amendments before we have to use it

Feb 04 2020 20:12

What a farce !!

Whoever it is that decides that releasing a standard into the wild before its mandated in law is clearly an idiot!!

All it does is serve to create confusion and arguments among those who think they know everything because they've read the latest standard, and the never ending plethora of rewrites and updates !

Never mind the fact that they has absolutely no relevance to today's job, and you need a bloody crystal ball to see when it Will be relevant.

Just shows what a joke our regulators have become.